About us


About us

Mission Statement

The aim of the ‘Coalition to Prevent VTE’ is to reduce the burden, occurrence and recurrence of VTE by raising VTE awareness and promoting educational programmes and healthcare initiatives among healthcare professionals from the various medical and surgical specialties dealing with patients at risk of VTE.

The Coalition intends to reach a broad audience with its educational programmes and healthcare initiatives, and to educate the public about the significant risk of complications and long-term consequences of VTE.


  1. To educate healthcare students and workers as well as the public about VTE.
  2. To undertake research on VTE and disseminate the results.
  3. To raise awareness about the various methods of primary and secondary prevention of VTE and its related morbidity and mortality.
  4. To raise awareness about current and novel therapies for VTE
  5. To address the issues and evidence-based therapy in the known co-morbid areas, such as cardiology (heart failure), oncology, respiratory disease (COPD), internal medicine, infectious disease, surgery, and obstetrics and gynaecology.


To achieve its aim, the Coalition to Prevent VTE has set several major objectives:

  • Disseminate information about the risk of VTE in patients who suffer from certain diseases (i.e., heart failure, respiratory failure, cancer, severe infections) or undergo certain surgeries.
  • Educate healthcare professionals about the need to optimise VTE prevention for their patients.
  • Educate healthcare professionals about the optimal therapies for VTE
  • Share evidence of various methods for identifying patients at risk and providing appropriate prevention.
  • Collaborate with existing medical societies in order to develop initiatives to raise VTE awareness, risk-assessment and prophylaxis tools, and to promote guideline adoption for prevention and treatment of VTE.
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